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T-Mobile Welcome Back

Cleaning the wrong car

Homeless Boy Amazes...

Cyberbullying Talent Show
Google Docs in Plain English(Video)

The Flipped Classroom
Heart of a Teacher

Even Eagles Need a Push

Inspiring Graduation Speech

Dalton Sherman addresses Dallas Teachers at beginning of the year

Here is video by University of Virginia Professor, Daniel Willingham that promotes not only Science instruction but all content areas
in pursuit of improving reading comprehension. It was shown at my LETRS workshop by a national trainer (summer 2011).

The Middle
Brick is Special
Sue Perfect Attendance
The School Forms
Kids have trouble at school
Brick and Math

How one person can make a difference:
I Got a Feelin - Black Eyed Peas and Oprah

The Teaching Channel - My Favorite No

House Inhaler Misuse

The Power of Optimism

What Teachers Make, Taylor Mali,

Garbage Men- To illustrate don't lose your focus

English Sketch Show Learn ABCs

English Sketch Show Learning French

English Sketch Show English Study Group

Steve Jobs -

Now is the time to learn

Teamwork Inspirational

Starkville MS - Do You Believe

Variety of Inspirational Videos (and books)

Seinfeld Teaches U.S. History

Power of Teamwork, Blue Angels

Child Calls 911 for Math Help

Schools Kill Creativity - Ken Robinson RSA Animated

University of Hawaii Marching Band - Teamwork

The Crazy Ones

Ma and Pa Kettle, Math

My Blackberry is Broken

What Adults Can Learn from Kids

leadership penguin commercialPenguin Leadership

Inspirational Movies: Walk the Talk

They Are Teachers