Content Cadre Collaborative

ESU 4 Cadres

  • Give teachers the opportunity to get together with job-alikes!
  • one time a year
  • ESU 9 does ART twice a year; all cadres have a unique personality and footprint; survey the teachers; art teachers bring students to cadre; Lisa created a curriculum document; Tuesdays;
    • math - Lenny (NESA stuff)
    • science - depth of knowledge; standards alignment; promoting higher level science
    • social studies - Library of Congress (larry starr lined it up; kim gangwish at Bellvue - librarian, $$)
  • Reading strategies and tech in every session
  • student engagement theme - ESU 4
  • networking time - best practices then structured group roles in each group
  • ESU 3 - collaborative days are themed; all content areas come and then they break out after they get there; assign facilitators then they work with them; a field trip; half day they sit with a facilitator - ESU staff organizes and take notes while they plan the day;
  • ESU 4 has a wiki for everything; google list for each area;
  • Follow-Up - send out a video; take notes on what comes up during the day;
  • What are you sharing with Admin? - ESU 9 does a cadre update then after workshop, share what's going on; update at Superintendent's meeting.
  • Music teachers after Harvest of Harmony
  • counselors at the very beginning of the year; they have a variety of other meetings going on also; set up meeting when you get there!
  • let them build it